Chair's Message

It is a great honour to serve as the Chair for B.C.’s largest business organization. The good reputation and strength of the BC Chamber has been built by dynamic and inspiring individuals throughout the Chambers’ 65-year history, and I am proud to know that I stand on the shoulders of giants. I am passionate about how the Chamber serves its members and will strive to achieve excellence in meeting our mandate to be the Voice of Business in B.C.

Our strength lies in our province-wide network of businesses, in every small and large community of BC. Our member-businesses are an accurate sampling of the provincial business community; mostly small to medium in size and owned by local individuals and families. Tapping into our network gives one a true ‘pulse’ on what’s happening on ‘Main Street’ B.C., as our members are living, working, recreating, and socializing in their respective communities.

There are tremendous opportunities before us for 2016 – 2017 and beyond. We are witnessing the coming of age of the largest generation ever: the Millennials. As a group they represent the largest demographic in history. They are entrepreneurial and support local businesses, have strong values, crave community and love causes. Indeed, they are a perfect match with the Chamber’s own values and initiatives. We will be working hard to attract and integrate more young professionals into our network to help lead the future of our organization. I am looking forward to leading our organization through a re-branding process culminating in a new ‘look and feel’ Chamber of Commerce.

Very importantly, we have a provincial election coming up this May. We will be focussing on engaging in the process on behalf of our members by comparing the various party’s platforms to our member’s needs, as reflected in our adopted policies. We will be taking our member’s views to the candidates and finding where they stand on issues important to us.

If our vision aligns with yours, we welcome you to join us!