Chair's Message

To all members of the BC Chamber of Commerce,

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your board chair, I am looking forward to a very impactful and vibrant year.

This promises to be an exciting year for the chamber movement.  At the BC Chamber we are going through a seminal change with the selection of a new President and CEO.  With change comes opportunity and we will ensure that the organization will not only continue to meet the needs of our members going forward but will exceed them.

As a Board we are fully charged with the need to build on the strength of the network to take the chambers movement to the next level.  Members have told us loud and clear, while the BC Chamber is without equal at advocacy and policy there is a need to build a broader value proposition to help them attract and retain members.  This is no small task, it will require a frank conversation about what we do and how we do it.  Most importantly it will take all of us working together to ensure the chamber movement is ready to meet the needs of the new economy.

As we look to these opportunities we should always recognise that we have a strong foundation.  There are so many things local Chambers of Commerce can do, and does, to provide their communities with value and services not available elsewhere. We need to enhance this in an increasingly competitive marketplace if we are to remain competitive and relevant. 

Whether it is branding, professional or Board training, or just sharing good ideas the BC Chamber will be aggressive in identifying opportunities to enhance the strength of our members.  It is only through ensuring the strength of the local chamber will we as a network flourish and grow.

We are likely in the best possible position we have ever been as a Chamber of Commerce. This comes from my experience as a local and provincial director for the last 16 years. The opportunities before us on a local, provincial, national and international basis have never looked so good. The question is, are we capable of taking full advantage of these opportunities?   

We are a movement comprised of dedicated and committed individuals at both the staff and volunteer level.  I would also like to thank every board member in the province for taking time from your business' to volunteer your time to make this a better province, and appreciate all the great work being done by the chamber managers and their staff.

We are a unique, member driven organization that cannot be duplicated.  Through hard work and partnership we will create a stronger network that will serve BC businesses for decades to come.


Brant Hasanen
Chair, BC Chamber of Commerce
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investments