Chair's Message

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The BC Chamber is poised and ready to continue growing and punching above our weight class as an advocate for business in BC and across Canada. We have the right complement of staff, volunteers, and engaged members to really show grit and make a difference.  With this strong foundation, we can move forward with a clear focus on priorities and bringing the ‘best in class’ to the table.

The BC and national economy are at pivotal moment in time, where significant policy decisions may drastically impact our competitiveness on the world stage, and ultimately influence Canadians’ financial prosperity.  Removing unnecessary barriers to success, providing tools to business to be innovative and nimble, and clearly advocating for positive policy changes, will be our focus as we navigate these uncertain times.

We’ll drive more effective and impactful results on all fronts by using evidence-based data from the platform. This will ensure we target priority areas; provide specific and timely data to support our positions; and be efficient in how we use our resources and deliver our messages.

We truly have the power of the crowd at our fingertips—now is the time to harness than power and make it happen.

Kristine Simpson