Chair's Message

To the Members of the BC Chamber of Commerce,

To the Members of the BC Chamber of Commerce,

I would like to thank the Members and the Board of Directors for giving me the honor to serve as the Chair of the BC Chamber of Commerce for the coming year.

British Columbia is entering into some exciting and also challenging times with the energy projects that are being proposed. Challenges will include labour shortages and pressure on infrastructure – both physical and social. While these will be mostly felt in the Northwest, there will be effects in every part of the province as, for example, suppliers ramp up to provide products or services or labour leaves to work on the projects. We all need to be thinking about issues like this now.

During the past year, the Board under took an outreach program, that saw BC Chamber Directors contacting Chairs / Presidents of member Chambers. While we were not able to contact every Chamber, it was a good start and we will be continuing this in the coming year.

Also over the past couple of years we have worked to expand the use of Board Link, which is an electronic communications tool to enable local Boards and the BC Chamber Directors to communicate with each other to share information and best practices among the network. In the coming year we will continue to work to expand the use of this tool.

As Chair, I am fortunate to have an excellent group of Directors with a wide range of skills, experience and a strong knowledge of and commitment to the Chamber network. The Board has made good progress over the past years to develop the best governance practices possible and will continue to review and update them to ensure they remain that way. The Board looks forward to working with John Winter and his excellent staff to build on the work done in recent years.

The strength of the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce is our members, Chambers and Corporate. Together we are the strongest, most broadly based policy driven organization in British Columbia. Together we are the Voice of Business in British Columbia


Rod Cox
Chair, BC Chamber of Commerce
CFO, Kitsumalum Economic Development Group