Joelle Westlund

Represented Region: 
Lower Mainland

Joelle joined the Board of Directors for BC Chamber of Commerce in May 2016. She is an enthusiastic consultation and communications professional driven by a passion to create meaningful opportunities for public and First Nations involvement in the decisions that impact their lives. Joelle is a Consultant for Communica Public Affairs, supporting clients in the energy sector in the planning and execution of strategic stakeholder engagement and communication plans. She works with clients to facilitate and cultivate long-term relationships from the local community level through to provincial stakeholders. Joelle has also executed consultation programs for oil and gas projects throughout Alberta as well as internationally, in rural areas of Kenya and Tanzania relating to health care and education.

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Joelle has called Vancouver home for nearly three years. She holds a master of arts in political science and an honours bachelor of arts in international relations from the University of Toronto. Joelle also holds a certificate in public participation from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), and is a past board member of the IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter.