B.C. business, industry and Chamber groups welcome environmental approval of Site C

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Vancouver, October 15, 2014 – The decision by the British Columbia and Canadian governments to grant an Environmental Assessment Certificate to BC Hydro’s Site C Clean Energy Project is being welcomed by a group of nine organizations representing companies, industries and chambers of commerce across British Columbia.

The group is urging the provincial government to proceed to construction of Site C, noting the growing demand for electricity in British Columbia and the significant economic benefits the project will generate.

“Site C has successfully navigated a comprehensive environmental review process,” says Philip Hochstein, President and CEO, Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of B.C. “The province needs Site C. It will not only give us clean renewable power that we depend on, but it will also help give BC a competitive advantage in attracting investment that will strengthen our economy. That will enable us to build more hospitals and highways, and fund more doctors and nurses to provide care when we need it.”

“A number of major projects are in the implementation or planning stages in B.C. that will rely on having access to stable and dependable sources of power, and Site C can help deliver it,” says Keith Sashaw, President and CEO, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – B.C. “It is also an opportunity to build on B.C.’s global reputation for expertise in engineering and can contribute to creating a centre of excellence for engineering services.”
“It is essential that British Columbia both enhance conservation efforts to reduce demand and bolster our supply through the construction of new generation capacity,” says John Winter, President and CEO, B.C. Chamber of Commerce. “Site C can provide British Columbians with a long-term asset that will lock in lower prices and give businesses a continued competitive advantage compared to other jurisdictions.”

“B.C.’s construction sector encourages all British Columbians to recognize the extraordinary opportunities in front of them with the approval of the Site C Project. Opportunities not only for rewarding jobs, but for careers and a prosperous economy. Parents – construction employers across the province hope that you will open your minds to the trades as an honourable career path for your children, and we look forward to building B.C.’s future together,” says Manley McLachlan, President, B.C. Construction Association.

In supporting Site C and calling for the provincial government to build Site C, the group of organizations cited the role that hydroelectric power has played in building B.C.’s economy, and the economic benefits of the project. Construction alone will generate 10,000 person-years of direct employment, 33,000 person-years of direct and indirect work throughout the province, and $3.2 billion to the provincial GDP.

Among those supporting Site C:

 Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – B.C.
 B.C. Chamber of Commerce
 B.C. Construction Association
 B.C. Construction Association – North
 B.C. Road Builders and Heavy Construction Industry Association
 Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Northern B.C.
 Independent Contractors and Business Association of B.C.
 New Car Dealers of B.C.
 South Peace Oilmen's Association

Additional Quotes from Supporters:

 Rosalind Thorn, President, B.C. Construction Association – North: “As a Regional Association representing construction related contractor and supply firms whose home bases are in the northern two-thirds of the Province of British Columbia, we fully appreciate the impact that this project will have on the economic development of our region and the province as a whole.”

 Jack Davidson, President, B.C. Road Builders and Heavy Construction Industry: “Site C will help B.C. meet its growing need for electricity with a clean and renewable source of power. Only with a strong and growing economy can government deliver the important services we need such as healthcare, education and social services.”
 Gordon Bliss, President, Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Northern B.C.: “We believe the Site C project is a beneficial one contributing positively to the overall economy of British Columbia, providing stability for growth in all sectors and creating employment opportunities.”

 Blair Qualey, President and CEO of the New Car Dealers Association of B.C.: “Site C would help ensure we have enough electricity to meet our increasingly plugged-in society, which includes the growing number of electric vehicles hitting our roads, helping to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.”
 Paul Gevatkof, President, South Peace Oilman's Association: “We appreciate the vision of the WAC Bennett government of the '50s and '60s to use the Peace River as a source of hydro-electric power to fuel northern expansion. This vision must continue to support the development of the north.”


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