Canada-U.S. preclearance agreement

Wins for Business

A new comprehensive agreement between Canada and the United States to allow preclearance activities by road, rail, waterways and air in both countries is a direct policy win for the BC Chamber. 

“This preclearance announcement recognizes the truly integrated nature of our transportation system and by extension, our economies,” said John Winter, president and CEO of the BC Chamber. “Whether it is business-people flying back and forth to finalize a deal that will grow their companies, or tourists catching a train or a bus to go visit our respective countries, this preclearance agreement will open up our borders to all the economic benefit that goes with these activities.” 

The BC Chamber and its network have long backed the implementation of the Beyond the Border initiative and any supporting initiatives to facilitate the free movement of an estimated $2 billion in cross-border trade daily.

“Time is money and this agreement will better enable business to make money to grow their business and not waste it sitting in border line-ups,” said Winter.