Premier Gordon Campbell Steps Down

News Releases

Vancouver, November 3, 2010 – Hon. Gordon Campbell has announced today that he will be stepping down as the Premier of BC, and has called for a leadership convention at the earliest possible date.

  • As motivation for his resignation Premier Campbell stated that the current debate in BC became too focused on one person, and has lost sight of what is in the best interest of British Columbians.
  • No time frame was given for the nomination of a new leader of the Liberal Party and Premier of BC, though Premier Campbell has called for a smooth and orderly transition.
  • During this period of transition, business in BC and the Provincial Government will go forward.
  • The BC Chamber will continue to focus on issues of importance to businesses in BC and the wider economy as the leadership contest gets underway. We hope for speedy resolution to the leadership question and for continued focus on the short and long term growth of our provincial economy.

Since 2001, BC has undergone a profound transformation as a province and as an economy. Perhaps the most important impact of his time in office is how the Premier has transformed the economic discussion in BC. He has shifted it to the extent that competitive taxation, reduced regulation and balanced budgets are now considered as foundations of a strong provincial economy.

Read the Provincial News Release and Premier Campbell’s statement here

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