Province commits to Site C

Wins for Business

Delivering on BC Chamber policy and the Chamber's consistent public support of the project, the B.C. government has committed to building Site C.

“B.C.’s economy has been built on reliable, low-cost power – but our aging infrastructure threatens that,” said John Winter, president and CEO of the BC Chamber, in welcoming the B.C. government's decision to move forward with the project.  

“By committing to building Site C, government is investing in B.C.’s continued access to the energy we need to take B.C. forward.”

Winter noted that reliable, low-cost power has long been a major competitive advantage for B.C. as a business jurisdiction.

“Reliable, affordable power allows our businesses to compete nationally and globally and to create jobs right here in B.C.” Winter said. “It’s a key factor in our province’s economic success.”

The BC Chamber and its membership have supported Site C since 2004. Recent BC Chamber advocacy for the project has included speaking in favour of the project to the Joint Review Panel, publicly welcoming the Panel's report that backed the project, and participating in media op-eds.