TPP negotiations conclude

Wins for Business

The conclusion of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) delivers on the BC Chamber's call for this key trade deal. As Canada's westernmost province, British Columbia is uniquely positioned to benefit from this landmark agreement, which promises enhanced trade opportunities and job growth for the province.

“Canada could not afford to sit on the sidelines as others build economic bridges throughout the Asia-Pacific.” said Jon Garson, President and CEO, BC Chamber of Commerce. “With this monumental, ground-breaking TPP agreement, Canada has the opportunity to see long-term economic benefits, in a time of on-going global economic uncertainty.”

The BC Chamber has long been a strong supporter of the TPP, which stands to significantly benefit many industries in the province. Particular industry beneficiaries include: fish and seafood, mining, forestry, agriculture and the service sector. 

While the conclusion of the deal is a major win for British Columbia's Chambers, the BC Chamber is continuing active advocacy on this file to ensure the federal government understands why both Canada and British Columbia need to see this deal ratified.