Local & Regional Government

Through taxation, bylaws, permitting and other forms of red tape, local and regional governments have a significant impact on B.C. businesses' ability to succeed.

The Issue: 

Business is increasingly viewing the governance and funding structure of local governments as unsustainable and in need of substantial reform.

Businesses across B.C. are expressing a growing level of concern about the impact local governments have on a company's ability to grow.

While the range of concerns expressed by the business community are varied and often reflect local circumstances, there are a number of common themes.  These are: the challenge around funding, the regulatory burden, infrastructure requirements, a lack of accountability, capacity and the increase in the range of issues within local government’s purview.

Our Goal: 

The BC Chamber's goal is to ensure local governments are constructive partners in developing vibrant and sustainable local economies.

We Recommend: 

The BC Chamber recommends that the provincial government:

  • increase the efficiency and accountability of local governments,

  • re-instate the business vote in B.C.,

  • study the best practices of urban and rural regional governance,

  • develop a sustainable funding model for local government, and

  • be more proactive in encouraging municipal amalgamation.

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