Trade & Technology

As an export-driven economy, B.C.'s prosperity hinges on its ability to trade openly in the global and Canadian markets.

For a small, open-trading economy like B.C., prosperity will depend on our ability to export our goods and services across the country and to countries around the globe.

Governments at both the provincial and federal level have placed significant emphasis on developing new markets and removing barriers to trade within Canada.  Despite these efforts, progress remains slow and continues to face protectionist opposition that threatens economic growth.

The BC Chamber's goal is to see B.C. strengthen its ties with current trade partners while aggressively diversifying its export base around the globe.

Further to this, the Chamber's goal is to eliminate the barriers to trade within Canada.

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November 23, 2016
Donald Trump says he'll pull the U.S. out of the Trans Pacific Partnership in his first day in office. Dan Baxter with the B.C. Chamber of Commerce and Irene Lanzinger with the B.C. Federation of Labour discuss what that will mean for B.C.
November 23, 2016
Dan Baxter, the policy director for the B.C. Chamber of Commerce, said the loss of the TPP would be an economic blow for the province.