Build Policy

There is no better way to convey what’s on B.C.’s mind than through the BC Chamber’s policy development process. We encourage member Chambers and Boards of Trade to engage with members and identify the issues of importance to your community – and the province as a whole – by beginning to develop policies for the 2019 policy process. Proposed policies need to be submitted by March 8, 2019, in preparation for the policy sessions at our 2019 BC Chamber AGM & Conference. To help you build a successful policy, the BC Chamber has provided the following resources for Chambers and Boards to use as they develop their policy resolutions:

These materials provide members with a step-by-step, easy overview as to how easy it is for Chambers and Boards of Trade to take part in the BC Chamber policy process.

For members who would like further assistance, please contact Peter Andreasen, BCCC Manager of Policy Development and Government Relations.