Certificate of Origin

Please note that you will need to meet the certification requirements for all documents, as well as the additional requirements for certification of certificates of origin, below.

Additional Requirements for Certification of Certificates of Origin:

  1. Applications must use this Certificate of Origin Template (fillable .pdf  - please download).

  2. A duly notarized copy of your organization’s business registration with the federal or provincial government, with confirmation of annual business license renewal. This must be signed by an authorized representative of your business.

  3. Proof of origin for all items:

    • When goods are manufactured in Canada by the applicant:
      • Requirement: A manufacturer’s invoice, notarized manufacturer’s declaration detailing the processes performed, or a manufacturer’s declaration and a valid factory/official license;
    • When goods are manufactured in Canada by a company other than the applicant:
      • Requirement: A manufacturer’s invoice or notarized manufacturer’s declaration.
    • When goods were manufactured in a country other than Canada:
      • Requirement: A manufacturer’s invoice, notarized manufacturer’s declaration, or a foreign Certificate of Origin duly certified by a Chamber of Commerce.
    • When goods were bought from a third party:
      • Requirement: A duly signed and notarized statement from that party declaring the origin of the goods.
    • When goods refer to cars:
      • Requirement: Proof of ownership must be available for review.
    • When attachments are to be certified:
      • Requirement: The company name and description of the goods on the invoice, packing lists, export declaration, etc. must match information on the CO.