Chamber of the Year Award

Are you BC’s Chamber of the Year?

The Chamber of the Year Award was on hiatus last year. For 2017 we have dusted off the cobwebs, slapped on a fresh coat of paint and refreshed the criteria in a way that will enable you to show the Network how your chamber (or the chamber next door) shone bright last year. In addition, thanks to our great partnership with Chris Browes from Kubera Payments, there is a cash prize for the 2017 Chamber of the Year!

The Chamber of the Year Award, presented by Kubera Payments, has always been about encouraging and inspiring organizational excellence – and it always will be. But to simplify the nomination process, we are asking you tell us about ONE thing you and your chamber did incredibly well in the last year.

Did your Chamber rebrand in the last 12 months and is engagement growing as a result? Perhaps you launched an advocacy initiative that moved the dial on a local, provincial or national issue? Did you introduce a new, niche program for your young, female or Indigenous members that’s getting accolades? Maybe you rolled out an unforgettable communications campaign that knocked your members’ socks off?

Quite simply: We want to know how your Chamber #gotitdone last year!

Click here for more details and to nominate your Chamber as the 2017 Chamber of the Year.


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