Premier & Cabinet Lunch 2019


Policy-based advocacy is at the forefront of the BC Chamber Network’s relationship with the provincial government. Our policy development process involves direct member consultation to create issue-specific recommendations, which the BC Chamber then takes to government.

The BC Chamber of Commerce Premier & Cabinet Luncheon supplements this process once a year. This platform allows B.C. businesses to sit face-to-face with the Executive Council and engage in deep dialogue. Attendees will have a networking reception followed by lunch with the Executive Council of B.C


Seating Preference

Part of this event includes indicating your preferred seating with Cabinet Minister attendees, excluding the Premier. You'll be asked to indicate your top three preferences during the registration process. A full list of Cabinet Ministers can be found online on the BC Government website.

We will try our best to seat you with your choices, but please note, we reserve the right to seat according to availability.



Please note:

  • The BC Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for any unforeseen circumstances which may prevent the attendance of a Cabinet Minister.

  • There is no limit to the number of attendees from a Chamber or company. However, attendees will NOT all be seated at the same table, unless a full table has been purchased.

  • If you purchase a full table, there will NOT be a Cabinet Minister at your table

  • Registration closes on Wednesday, November 27th at 3:00 PM.